Viral behaviour of Social Networks

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI

The ‘Study of the viral behaviour of the Social Networks’ c-book unit has been designed by 8 members of the Spanish CoI mixing people with different profiles: from Math Education (teachers and researchers), developers of educational technology and also experts outside Math Education, in particular on mathematical modelling.

The main idea behind the c-book unit design is to propose questions that could be close to students’ real life. Mathematical modelling is central along the unit to:
(1) formulate assumptions on different phenomena related to social network users,
(2) use mathematical tools to analyse relations and patterns on real data,
(3) look for, fit and test mathematical models to forecast social networks behaviour,
(4) use mathematics (and mathematical models) to obtain responses about reality,
(5) reformulate assumptions and models (if necessary), and so on.


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