Areas and algebraic expressions

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI

The c-book unit «Areas and algebraic expressions» was designed by four members of the Spanish CoI. This c-book unit is devoted let students build and work with some algebraic notions, using elements like the circle and square to represent equivalences among geometrical, pre-algebraic and algebraic expressions. This c-book unit is structured in two parts:

  1.  The first part focuses on simulating and studying equivalent expressions, through visualizing the equivalence between different expression using the geometric, pre-algebraic and algebraic representation. Both representations, the geometrical and algebraic ones, will be connected by the concept of area of a rectangle.
  2. The second part puts the attention on understanding and analysing a mathematical situation in which a circle and a square are involved. The students need to use their knowledge on geometry and algebra to solve some questions about how to compare and transform the circle and square areas.

areas and algebraic expressions

areas and algebraic expressions 2

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