Designed and produced by the UK CoI (and Potsdam input)

This cbook would probably best be embedded in a lesson series on quadrilaterals. It provides a reasonably open environment to explore the classification, hierarchy and properties of quadrilaterals.
This cbook was created during the review meeting in London when Christian Bokhove and Ulli Kortenkamp got to talk about quadrilaterals. It is very experimental and tries to:

In the latest (experimental) version Oliver Labs, Jens Wurster and Martin von Gagern further developed the experimental faeatures of the cbook.

quadrilaterals 1

Screenshot from the first experimental version.

quadrilaterals 2
Screenshot from the further developed c-book.

The first two versions, as described in the WP6 deliverable are here:

A further developed version, taking advantage of feedback affordances, is at: