Left-handedness and probability

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI.

The c-book unit has been designed by a team of Secondary School teacher, Education and Mathematics researchers. The main aim of it is to characterize the binomial distribution, so it is addressed to 16-18 year-olds students.

The structure of the c-unit is organized in three phases. In the first one, students are asked about comparing a certain feature of different societies, motivating the use of the proportion instead of absolute frequencies. Furthermore, intuitive ideas of probability play an important role here. We choose the fact of being left-handed to explore these concepts. In the second phase we give a path to the students to deduce the binomial distribution model, just setting questions about counting cases and computing probabilities. This phase is finished applying the model to different questions. Phase 3 is dedicated to the meaning of expected value, doing a first step to the Central Limit Theorem.

left handedness and probability

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