What is hidden behind these ruins?

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI.

This c-unit has been design by Secondary teachers of Mathematics and History, and also Education researchers, in the spirit of a cross-disciplinary study. It has been created for 13-15 year-olds students.

The c-unit present and guides an archaeological inquiry based on a real investigation realized by the experts of the Badalona’s Museum on some roman ruins, the shape of which determined the type of the public building that could be. This mathematical topic (the Geometry of the shape) provides students important information to decide about an archaeological (or historical) topic.  Hence, the different features of the ellipse and the circumference or measures as the area of some different buildings help to understand the real dimension that the roman theatre could have. In addition, the c-unit proposes to draft a model of the roman theatre following the Vitruvius’ (Roman architect) canon of public buildings construction.

what is hidden behind these ruins

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