Frizzes, Dominos and Tetris

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI

This c-unit, designed by a team of Secondary School teachers and Education researchers, is focused on Geometrical transformations (translation, rotation, symmetries), composition and decomposition of
figures, tiling regions, relations with geometry and certain calculus concepts (multiples and divisors) and computations of certain geometrical magnitudes (area and perimeter).

The c-unit is structured in three parts. The first part starts by contextualizing the tile in a famous Spanish monument and recognize patterns in the resulting combinations. The main content is the
study of geometric transformations and the analysis of the seven possible frieze patterns. The second and third parts focus on the pieces of two well-known games, the Domino and the Tetris.
Starting from the knowledge of the students, the activities introduce them to the composition and decomposition process of pieces into the regular polygon square as well as to activities of tiling regions with Domino and Tetris tiles.

frizzes dominos tetris

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