Visualizing information II

Designed and produced by the Spanish CoI

The c-book unit is a redesign of the c-unit ‘Coordinates and points’, and also targeting first-year secondary school students (12-13 years old).  It has been design by a team of secondary school  teacher and Education researchers. The sequence of activities contains  three  parts :

Part  A:  The  main  aim  is  to  introduce  and  use  a  reference  system  and to justify the usefulness of the Cartesian coordinate system.

Part B: This second phase focuses on the use of an ordered pair (x,y) to locate a point on a graph, by means of the traditional board game ‘Battleship’.

Part  C:  The  main  goal  of  the  third  phase  is  to  understand how  points  represent  and  communicate information about two magnitudes. Thus, a graph is a way to represent, visualize and give sense to data. Activities  here introduce  a  quantitative  interpretation of the points on a graph that could lead to a first introduction to functional relations between magnitudes.

visualizing information ii

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