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These are the release notes of the C-Book Environment.

The current release version is always available via http://mc2dme.appspot.com


  1. Mid februari 2015 http://1-dot-mc2dme.appspot.com
  2. Release, March, 31st 2015.
    contains a link to this page. http://2-dot-mc2dme.appspot.com
  3. Release, May 12th 2015 http://3-dot-mc2dme.appspot.com
    Show student results, contains epsitetris as html5 widget
  4. Release, July 21st 2015. Resolved bugs with large launchdata, newer DME widgets, applets as html5 widgets. http://4-dot-mc2dme.appspot.com
  5. Release, Augustus 31st 2015. Cinderella/Epsilonwriter with versions. Faster logging. LA Results button, Using Java widgets inside html5. Refresh menu item. Logging in java and html5 http://5-dot-mc2dme.appspot.com
  6. Release, Februari 1st 2016. issues: versioning for html5 widgets, html5 xwidget communication. some save and restore student state. team/instructor in logging. chinese and japanese languages, fractions lab, Auth ELO, http://mc2dme.appspot.com
  7. Development version. features: revised deeplinks, shared state, refresh option, save and restore student state, http://7-dot-mc2dme.appspot.com.
  8. Future development. features: resetState, tooltips