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Konnichi wa! M C Squared wa Nihon ni ikimasu!

M C Squared partner University of Potsdam is bringing our technology to Japan. During a JSPS short-term fellowship at Toho University, Nagoya and RIMS Kyoto, Ulrich Kortenkamp is discussing widget technology with Japanese researchers in mathematics education.

The KeTCindy group around primary researchers Setsuo Takato and Masataka Kaneko has been working on the integration of computer algebra systems, Dynamic Geometry, and the typesetting system LaTeX to produce high-quality printed material. Using the latest developments from M C Squared, we could successfully produce interactive JavaScript/HTML5-based versions of their material for tablets and smartphones, that will be used in mathematics teaching for students of pharmacy and sciences.

KonnichiPhoto (by U. Kortenkamp): Prof. Yasuyuki Kubo demonstrating the integration of printed material

The research visit helps to understand the requirements of other communities of interest, and to leverage their creative potential. The switch to constructivist resources with interactive affordances is not straightforward, but can be supported by the technology developed in M C Squared. In addition, new ways of collaboration between developers and also between students are opened up. The fact that a lot of the subprojects in M C Squared are available as Open Source Software is also crucial and has been proven to speed up the integration of new approaches, also into cultures that differ extremely from our European view. We are looking forward to the production of our Japanese friends!