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M C Squared Glossary

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CBE - C-Book Environment

CBA - C-Book Authoring Environment

CBP - C-Book Player

CMT - Creative Mathematical Thinking

CoI - Community of Interest

CoP - Community of Practice

DME - Dynamic Mathematics Environment: This is the software system which is the base for the C-Book Environment

SC - Social Creativity


C-Book Authoring Environment (CBA) - a software system running in java-enabled web-browsers which may be used to create c-books.

C-Book Player (CBP) - a software system running in web-browsers which is able to display a c-book and let the user work with a c-book. There will be a version for java-enabled browsers and another version for JavaScript/Html5 browsers.

C-Book Environment (CBE) - this is the term discribing the combination of both the c-book authoring environment and the c-book player. Some widget factories may be used from the CBE within a browser, others are independent software systems which do not run in browsers.

Cinderella - a Dynamic Mathematics Software which has been extended to become a C-Book Widget Factory. It used to be a Dynamic Geometry Software, but over the years it transformed itself into a software which may be used to do many kinds of mathematics. Via its internal programming language "CindyScript", it may be used to develop a wide variety of different widgets.

Dynamic Geometry Software - a software system which allows users to perform constructive geometry in a computer. One of the main features is usually that geometric relations (such as perpendicular, parallel, intersection point of two objects) remain valid even when moving so-called free objects (these are objects whose position does not depend on other objects).

Widgets - c-book-widgets (widgets for short) are small pieces of software which can be included into c-books via the c-book environment in order to allow interactive content.

Widget instance - a widget that has actually been inserted into a c-book page is called a widget instance. Many of the widget instances can still be configured by the c-book author in order to fulfill the specific needs of the page. E.g., for visualizing the graph of a function, the c-book author may specify the ranges to be used, etc.

Widget factory - a software system (often developed independently of the c-book environment over many years) allowing to produce c-book-widgets easily.

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