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CoI: Community of Interest

The project has created four (4) integrated Communities of Interest (CoI) to be actively involved in the 3 cycles of c-book development:

  • the Greek CoI
  • the French CoI
  • the UK CoI
  • the Spanish CoI

Each  CoI operates as a 'hot-house' discussing, designing, constructing and continually re-versioning c-book resources for CMT and includes members with diverse expertise involved in the design of educational materials for creative mathematical thinking: publishers, developers of digital tools, creative teachers, interdisciplinary researchers and their intended end-users (students).


The members of each CoI act as collaborative designers and producers of c-book resources which operate within the community as 'boundary objects', steering continuous discussion and negotiation over them. This means that 'a c-book resource' is perceived as an object which is 'in-flux', i.e. continually under  improvement, re-construction and debate.
The academic members help the communities focus and become explicit on issues pertaining to creativity in the design process and in the affordances of the c-book resource productions.

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