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The c-book technology and productions

The c-book software provides an authorable dynamic e-book infrastructure that empowers teachers, as creative designers, and students to engage in activities that invite Creative Mathematical Thinking.

mc2 widgets3 with malt susx

c-book widgets & widget factories

mc2-c-book productions

c-book units (CoI productions)

  • A c-book widget is a small piece of software which can be included into c-books via the c-book environment in order to allow interactive content.
  • A c-book widget instance is a widget that has actually been inserted into a c-book page is called a widget instance. Many of the widget instances can still be configured by the c-book author in order to fulfil the specific needs of the page. E.g., for visualizing the graph of a function, the c-book author may specify the ranges to be used, etc.
  • A c-book widget factory is a software system (often developed independently of the c-book environment over many years) allowing to produce c-book-widgets easily.
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