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c-book software

The c-books software’s unique and beyond the state-of-the-art features include:

  • Innovative embedded technologies to easier handle formulas (WYSIWYG and flexible editing, dynamic algebra) in all contexts (pages, emails, forums, questionnaires, collaborative documents).
  • Interoperability; c-book resources will allow including widgets from different environments.
  • Collaboration; the c-book will provide a collaboration space to facilitate designers/teachers collaborative design.
  • Learning analytics; the c-book will allow for student registration and learning analytics, to inform designers on student behaviour and learning outcomes.

The c-book system comprises two logical components:author-player
1. The c-book Author, to be used by designers/authors for the development of c-books. It includes an authoring environment (ContentEditor) as well as Widgets and c-books databases.
2. The c-book Player, to be used by learners. It includes a LMS which allows the student to select and interact with c-books in a personalized, exploratory and therefore constructive way.


You are here: Home Technology c-book software