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Ski touring II

Designed and produced by the French CoI

A problem solving c-book unit related to ski and risk management in mountain. In some open-ended tasks, users design original snowflakes as a result of an algorithm, a sequence of symmetries or as a fractal limit.

In others, they model an avalanche in CindyLab, analyse the effect of the slope, search for a way to measure the slope with ski sticks, play on the relationship between the weather and the form of snowflakes, or plan for an itinerary on a map. The most exciting part is the game where you have to recover quickly a victim of an avalanche. You have to come up with a strategy, that is, an algorithm, to find the victim as quickly as possible. The narrative is coherent and has a strong affective aspect. In this c-book unit, technology helps understand models of natural phenomena in an algorithmic way. Intelligent feedback helps unblock mind fixation, nonlinear browsing allows for self-paced learning.

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You are here: Home Technology C-books Ski touring II