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Welcome on our new blog!

The perfect way to stay up to date with MC Squared project news!

We are delighted to be launching this brand new blog. The overall aim of this new communication channel is to let you easily stay in the know about advancements, insights and news on our work.

This blog will be updated on a regular basis and will contain contributions from all members of the Consortium; we will try to provide the readers with a bit of that interdisciplinary flavour that we are savouring during these months of working together.
To remind the highlights of M C Squared project up to this point, here is a round up on what we have done so far and where we plan to take the project for the next year.

M C Squared’s highlights so far

For over a year and a half the M C Squared working group has been committed to carry out several tasks:

  • Designing and developing the c-book environment both available for PC and tablets.
  • Setting up of four different Communities of Interest and Communities of Practice.
  • Applying in two different cycles of c-book productions, which generated 28 c-book units so far.
  • Designing a tool, namely CoICode, for collaborative design.

The first year of work got its culmination with the availability of the first prototype, which is the result of the previous and the basis of the upcoming work.
So now, we are proud to present the c-book: a revolutionary digital medium, which extends e-book technologies to

  • contain Widget instances
  • support collaborative asynchronous on-line design and authoring
  • afford configurable Learning Analytics, allowing each learner’s behaviour and learning outcomes to be analysed, in order to give individualized learning feedback.

You can try it now by simply accessing via our website.

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 A sneak peek of the next year

All the preliminary work carried out so far has started to bear fruits and the next few months promise to be very eventful.
The third cycle of c-book design process has just started and the CoIs are now in the midst of their work of design.
Hence, very soon the existing collection of c-book units is going to be enriched with many exciting content!

 MC Squared project presented in outstanding academic and commercial events

As academic and commercial events are a great opportunity to meet professionals coming from the Education and Technology fields, we attended many events, among these GDC 2014, CERME2015, AIED 2015 (for further information on it see related blog-post) and ICTMT12 with the aim of broadening the knowledge on our work and discussing potential developments in the market.
Hand in hand that our work progresses, enriches itself with new features and content and increases its potential to meet market desires, you can expect to find us at a lot of meetings, conferences, expositions and fairs.
We are also running workshops for teachers, publishers of educational material, developers of mathematical digital tools and media, companies supporting teaching and learning through the use of videogames, serious games and/or technologies.
If you are interested in taking part in any of these events, please get in touch with us.

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You can also follow us on SlideShare to have a look at the presentation resulting from events, workshops, meetings.

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Moreover, if you want to find out more about the project or any of the working team’s activities, do not hesitate to contact us.