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Stories from Summer 2015

Stories from Summer 2015: 18th Summer School of Mathematics Education and Math en Jeans 2015

Every summer has a story, but the M C Squared’s summer 2015 has several stories to tell. Two of them are about some of the activities that the M C Squared Consortium performed during August 2015.

 Starting from the 19th of August the UCBL project team has been committed in several lectures at the 18th Summer School of Mathematics Education held in Brest, in the North West of France. The work of this summer school focuses mainly on two themes, both organized around three or four plenary lectures and four associated workshops:

  • Teaching and learning calculus
  • Collectives in math education.

One of the lectures in the second theme was presented by Eric Roditi (Paris Descartes University) and Jana Trgalova (Claude Bernard University in Lyon - UCBL) and concerned collectives of teachers and researchers. The Communities of Interest (CoI) created in the M C Squared project and their activities were presented and compared to other kinds of teachers-researchers collectives to the 114 attendees (math education researchers, teacher trainers and PhD students in math education) coming from 19 countries.

The second story is about the Summer University in Bramans (Savoie) Math en Jeans, which took place from the 22nd to the 26th of August.

MATh.en.JEANS (abbreviated: MEJ) is a method which, since 1989, aims at bringing to life mathematics by young people, according to principles of mathematical research. It allows young people to meet researchers and practice an authentic school-based scientific approach, with both theoretical and applied dimensions and possibly engage with current research topics.

The MEJ Association impulses and coordinates research workshops that work in schools, from primary school to university, ending with a national congress where students present their research: they reconstitute a reduced model of the life of a mathematics laboratory and the mathematics community.

During this summer school, also aiming at encouraging the adoption of the M C Squared c-books, Prof. Christian Mercat presented several examples of c-books coming form the work of the project, detailing the different dimensions of creativity in Inquiry Based Learning. The presentation included some examples and widgets of the velocity c-book and the modelisation c-book.

The velocity c-book comprises five activities: the tunnel problem, the movement of particles, movement control, average speed, and acceleration activities.
 Cinderella widgetCinderella widget to show the concept of acceleration and deceleration

While the modelisation c-book comprises three modelling activities; Galileo experiment, modelling Julio Le Parc art and pendulum. The Galileo experiment widget has been presented in this event showing students and teachers how we could rediscover the concept of acceleration using the power of digital tools.

The art of Julio le Parc was also presented using different examples of widgets.

colorpickerColor Picker


Julio le parc art 1  Julio le parc art 2 

     Julio le parc art