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M C Squared lands in Colombia

M C Squared lands in Colombia at the XXth Colombian Congress of Mathematicians
During July 2015, the M C Squared project crossed the European borders and landed in Colombia, where Prof. Christian Mercat (UCBL) was invited as a speaker at the annual meeting of Colombian mathematicians (

This four-days event was held in the campus La Nubia in Manizales, with the aim to bringing together more than 700 participants, among national and international lecturers and researchers, professors and students of undergraduate and graduate mathematics with secondary teachers with high school students interested in mathematics and public that even without a close relationship with academia, find here the latest results in different areas of mathematics and teaching mathematics. Main topics of the congress were Algebra, Calculus, Applied Math, Geometry, Logic and Math education.

Prof. Christian Mercat gave a lecture and a series of three courses around the use of modelling in education. One of his talk «Dancing like a function» raised great interest and sincere enthusiasm among the attendees. During this lecture –attended by around 150 professionals, among researchers, academics or secondary math teachers- the work carried out by Pedro Lealdino Filho (UCBL) on some of the potential appliances of the M C Squared project has been demoed.
Many young teachers have been engaged directly and tried to reproduce with arms and shoulders a parabola, a graph of the absolute value or to discover the difference of behaviour between a tangent function and a cube, or whatever was indicated in a card that they were given at the beginning (some examples of the cards can be seen in the images here below)

cards1 cards2


The image here below shows a teacher moment of this immersive and addictive demo.