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Μ C Squared goes hands-on!

Athens "c-book widgets" workshop (7-8 July 2015)

For two full days at the beginning of this July (7th and 8th), 25 CoI members from 6 participant organisations (CTI, UU, LKL, UCBL, Talent, ARI and UP) came together in Athens, in a blended-style workshop, giving the chance to many more people to participate online. The real protagonist of the workshop was the c-book technology, with widget factories pitching themselves and their features through the people who created or evolved them.

hands-on workshop on c-book widgets (July 2015)

So what happens when Malt, Cinderella, Epsilonwriter and E-slate meet DME native widgets? They already co-inhabit the c-book environment, but how do they really communicate? Add to that the new features of CoiCode and the interesting aspect of learning analytics, and you have a lively fusion of technologies, creatively tinkered by CoI members.
With a rich set of demo short presentations, questions-and-answer sessions and hands-on work for each widget factory, all included in the workshop agenda, participants enjoyed “tweaking and poking” the project technologies.
On Tuesday July 7th, the workshop began with a welcome and short introduction from the project coordinator, Chronis Kynigos. Tuesday morning was devoted to DME native widgets, a session by Sietske Takoma (UU). Epsilon Writer was the next to follow in the afternoon, a session by Jean Francois Nicaud (ARI). Christian Bockhove (LKL) then turned attention and discussion towards learning analytics. Marios Xenos (CTI) was the one to summon up the day with a presentation of Eslate widgets and of the new features of CoICode.
Wednesday July 8th began with Oliver Labs (UP) and Cinderella, followed by Marianthi Grizioti (Talent) and Malt. The afternoon was dedicated to DME: Peter Boon (UU) introduced the new DME logo widget and did an update on the works on cross widget communication in DME and Sietske Takoma presented the new DME statistics widgets. The workshop ended with a summing up, questions and feedback session.