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M C Squared @ WEEC 2015

An oral presentation of the M C Squared project was given in the context of the 8th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC 2015), which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 29/6-2/7 2015, hosted by the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology together with the WEEC permanent secretariat.

WEEC is an internationally acclaimed congress event organised every two years in a different country. It attracts a big number of members of the global academic and professional communities of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development (such as researchers and educators at universities, teachers at all education levels, students, government agencies, officials from international organisations, NGOs, private companies interested in environmental and sustainability issues and in education, media, etc).

presentation at WEEC 2015
Creativity squared? Investigating social creativity in the design of educational resources fostering creative thinking in maths and sustainability learning

The presentation given by Maria Daskolia was attended by more than 20 congress participants, who were introduced to the rationale and the objectives of the M C Squared project. Moreover, the conception and implementation of the M C Squared socio-technical environment were explained, as well as how it aims to contribute to fostering social creativity in the design of c-book units.

CTI blog2 july2015 cbooks

Heterogeneity and interdisciplinary in the synthesis of the community of designers (CoI), due to the participation of different CoPs (Environmental Education and Math Education professional designers) were stressed as important features of the methodology put forth by the
M C Squared project, as allowing boundary-crossing interactions to take place and give boost to social creative processes and outcomes to emerge.

Finally, the case-study of the design of one of the c-book units by the Greek CoI, the “Sustainable City”, was used as an example to highlight the important knowledge gained on the topic within the context of the project.CTI blog2 july2015 suscity

The reactions of the international audience attending the presentation were very positive and a lot of interest was expressed by academic members and other participants from both Europe and outside (i.e. Australia) in terms of developing a more informed view of and collaboration in the project.