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How Mathematics can be used to support Archeology?

Can Mathematics provide valuable support for Archeology?

Members of the Spanish COI have acted for a few months as true archaeologists.‬ ‪

They were based in Baetulo (the current Badalona), which is situated very close to the ancient Barcino (the current Barcelona), and cooperated in the work of mining the Roman ruins of a public building.


M C Squared @ BETT 2016 - inspiring conferences and conversations!

During 4 days from 20th to 23rd January 2016, the MC2 project was presented at London BETT 2016, an event renowned for showcasing world class educational technology products, resources and innovations.


Μ C Squared @ G.A.R.M.E. 2015

The Conference of the Greek Association for Research in Mathematics Education (G.A.R.M.E.) took place at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from 4 to 6th December 2015.  This year, thematic axes such as Creativity in Mathematics Education, and professional development of creative teachers, were an excellent opportunity for M C Squared coordinating partner CTI to showcase the project’s work and disseminate the underlying ideas and rationale.


From the trenches: design adventures with “Curves in Space”

What happens when different professionals come together to design a c-book unit about curves in space?
From April to July 2015, Stefanos, George, Katerina, Dimitra, Sylvie, Giannis and Marianthi took up a design adventure.