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Dance like a function!

Dance like a function! Gaming tools meet Cinderella.

Teaching mathematics is not that trivial. Learning it is not so easy too. The advances in technology are changing student's culture and behaviour, with impact on their way in studying, as well as on their everyday work performed in the classroom. Smart phones, tablets, clocks and other devices are increasingly part of the lives of young people and teenagers.


M C Squared lands in Colombia

M C Squared lands in Colombia at the XXth Colombian Congress of Mathematicians
During July 2015, the M C Squared project crossed the European borders and landed in Colombia, where Prof. Christian Mercat (UCBL) was invited as a speaker at the annual meeting of Colombian mathematicians (


Μ C Squared goes hands-on!

Athens "c-book widgets" workshop (7-8 July 2015)

For two full days at the beginning of this July (7th and 8th), 25 CoI members from 6 participant organisations (CTI, UU, LKL, UCBL, Talent, ARI and UP) came together in Athens, in a blended-style workshop, giving the chance to many more people to participate online. The real protagonist of the workshop was the c-book technology, with widget factories pitching themselves and their features through the people who created or evolved them.


M C Squared @ WEEC 2015

An oral presentation of the M C Squared project was given in the context of the 8th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC 2015), which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 29/6-2/7 2015, hosted by the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology together with the WEEC permanent secretariat.